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Dr. Edward Hickey

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Dr. Edward Hickey Dr. Edward Hickey, the 3rd John W. Kirklin Fellow began his tenure in the CHSS Data Centre July 2006. He was born in Montreal but grew up in England, attending St Paul's School, London. He entered Southampton University Medical School in 1993 and completed both an Honours Degree (BSc. 1st class) in Molecular Cell Biology/Molecular Immunology in 1998 and Bachelor of Medicine (BM) in 1999.

Edward began his Registrar training in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Southampton and subsequently Guy's & St Thomas’ Hospitals in London.

In 2005, Edward joined Dr. Ross Ungerleider's team (OHSU, Oregon , US) for 14 months and earned a Doctorate of Medicine based on his thesis titled "Improving neurological outcomes following neonatal cardiopulmonary bypass". His research in the laboratory generated 8 basic science manuscripts, 8 international presentations, 2 international invited lectures, and Young Investigator awards at the EACTS, SCTS, STSA and ESCVS.

Dr. Edward Hickey has recently completed his tenure as the 3rd Kirklin-Ashburn Fellow with the CHSS Center for Research and Quality 2006 – 2008. He originally joined the Center for Research and Quality after starting his registrar training in cardiothoracic surgery in the United Kingdom with departments in Southampton and London. He had previously taken a hiatus from his clinical training by completing a Doctorate of Medicine higher research thesis with Dr Ross Ungerleider, Portland, Oregon.

During Edward's tenure, he focused on the decision-management of neonates born with critical left ventricular outflow tract obstruction and choice of conduit in right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction. Highlights included presenting in the plenary session of the AATS, as well as at the AHA, STS, EACTS, WTSA and CCS. He earned young investigator awards at the EACTS and CCS meetings. Edward's work is due to be submitted as a PhD in clinical biostatistics with the University of Toronto.

The unique experiences and opportunities gained through the Kirklin-Ashburn fellowship have inspired Edward to relinquish his British training and pursue his career in congenital cardiac surgery within the North American clinical and academic environment. He has therefore joined the latter stages of the University of Toronto cardiac surgery program to be subsequently followed by a congenital fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.

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